"Intelligence plus character" that is the goal of true education - Martin Luther King Jr.
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Activity Programs

     Here at the center we used many different forms of activity programs to get the youth to become more active. Examples of our activity programs are: karate, aerobics, boxing, kick-boxing, weight-lifting, stepping, double-dutch and dance as well as numerous sports and outside physical activities.  

     Each of our in-door physical activity programs has its own activity club. In this club the youth have the chance to socialize with other positive peers, invent new moves and strategies for their clubs, design their club logos and uniforms and select officials.

    A minimal of once per quarter our activity clubs host shows, demonstrations and exhibitions, this is a great motivation factor for the youth and a chance to show others what they are doing and what they have accomplish.

     The entire enrollment process for the activity program takes approximately 5 -minutes to complete and can be completed on-line, through the telephone or in-person. Please feel free to print this page out, fill out, and then upload it through your e-mail or submit it in-person.


      Application for Physical Activity Program

Students Name ______________________
Address ____________________________

                     School Information

School Attended ______________________
School Official Signature________________
School Official Title ____________________
School Official Contact # ________________

                    Parental Information

I_______________ being the parent/guardian of _________________ do hereby give my permission for my child to participate in the Darden Enlightenment Center Physical Activity Program. I understand that is with any physical activity there is a chance of injury and I do hereby release Darden Enlightment Center or any of its agents of any form of liability in the un-likely case that my child is injured.

Date ________________________________