"Intelligence plus character" that is the goal of true education - Martin Luther King Jr.
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Parental & Community Support

Here at the center we believe that in order to truly reach the youth we must also reach the parent or caregiver. It is our strongest belief that the greatest impact on a child's life will be from that child's parent or caregiver.

Our program uses various educational and social programs in-order to empower the child's parent or caregiver so they may in return empower the child.

Among these programs are:

A) Education Assistance - Helping the parent to finish school, earn their GED, attend college or enter into special training programs

B) P.A.C.T. - Parents and Child time together - A variety of projects where parents have the opportunity to learn with their child and/or participate in positive social relations with other parents and children

C) Computer Training - A program designed to help the parents become comfortable working with computers in any setting

D) Work Force Readiness - A program designed to prepare parents for the work- field and enable parents to succeed in the work-field once it is entered

E) Literacy Development - A program that teaches parents basic skills such as reading, writing, document use and mathematics

F) Mentoring / Coaching - A program that works with the parents one on one or in a group setting that offers counseling, crisis support and case management in areas of struggle or need

G) Parenting / Wellness and Life Skill Classes - Classes taught for the parents in-order to approve their ability to care for themselves and their children

H) Transportation / Child Care - Transportation and child-care provided through out the program thus removing barriers that prevent the parent from attending

Community Support: All of our parental programs are available to any adult who can benefit from the use of our services. We believe that its never too late to learn and that all adults have the right to education and should be given the opportunity to learn in a comfortable environment at their own pace.