"Intelligence plus character" that is the goal of true education - Martin Luther King Jr.
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Our sponsors - "Those who dare to make a difference"

Virginia Federal Public   Defender office - 30 computer systems

Susan Farrior and Farrior Steelworks -  Donation - $2500 in exercise equipment

If you would like to make a donation without using the Internet please contact the center at 252-753-2165 or mail directly to: Darden's Enlightment Center, 3816 South Main Street, Farmville North Carolina, 27828
Mentor (2 year)
Mr. Harold Libster
Kmart Community
Sams Club
Burger King
Mrs. Susan Farrior
McDonald's (Dixon Group) 2 yrs.
Ms. Kay Phillips
Kues Pharmacy (2 yrs.)
Pierce Insurance Agency (4 yrs.)
David Simms
First Presbyterian Church
Pitt County Juvenile Center
Triple M. Auto Sales
NC Food Bank (3 yrs.)
Food Lion
Piggy Wiggly
First Baptist Church (2 year)
East Carolina University
4-H Club
Americas Promise
President Volunteer Committee
Ms. Barbara Vines
Highway 57
Chef Jerome Brown
OG Merge Band
Little Rocket
Town of Farmville
Town of Farmville P.D.
Mr. Scott Hollis
Farmville Furniture
Ms. Caleb Grady
NAACP: Thank you for helping us to make a difference.

Carl Pitt Academy of Martial Arts
School Bus for center activities

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