"Intelligence plus character" that is the goal of true education - Martin Luther King Jr.
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Volunteer Information

     Here at the center we use the many forms of volunteers to carry out our operational activities. Without the constant flow of volunteers our organization (as with any non-profit), would cease to be. In this section of our website we will go over common questions ask as well as some general information about volunteering.

Who can volunteer?
Anyone of good character that meet the requirements for the services they wish to volunteer for may volunteer their services (some services require extensive background checks).

Why should I volunteer?
The chance to volunteer is often an investment in someone else life, this often gives the volunteer a feeling of accomplishment and purpose for their life. If all one lives for, is for what they may achieve as an individual than they are living their lives without purpose.

If I volunteer do I have to sign a letter of commitment or agreement?
Most of our services do require a letter of commitment, these commitment letters allow us to better perform our services by making sure we have enough volunteers to cover our program operational requirements. In most cases we ask for a 1-year commitment agreement (6 - 12 hours per month - a small fraction of time required in order to make a big difference).

What services do we offer that one may volunteer for?
    *Mentoring - requires application, FBI Check, DMV / Insurance Check, T/B test or Chest X-Ray and 3 References
    *Donation Center - requires general application with reference checks
    *Physical Activity Leaders, Chaperons and Tutors, - requires general application, reference check and T/B test

  Darden Enlightenment Center Letter of Commitment for Volunteer Services
                                              (not to be used for mentoring)

Name _________________________________________________________________

Address _________________________________________________________________

Special skills _________________________________________________________________


Certifications / Titles / Awards _________________________________________________________________


1) Name ____________________ Address ______________________      

    Telephone ________________

2) Name ____________________ Address ______________________

    Telephone ________________

3) Name ____________________ Address ______________________

    Telephone ________________

Are there any types of medical conditions you have in which you regular see a physician for or regularly take medication for? If so please list _________________________________________________________

Are there any elements (now or pending) that would prevent you from fulfilling this commitment agreement? If so please list: _________________________________________________________________

I _________________________ agree to volunteer my services at Darden Enlightenment Center for a period of __________________________ at _________________________ hours per week. I understand that in the event I am unable to fully carry out this agreement I agree to give Darden Enlightenment Center a written statement of why I am unable to fulfill this commitment.
I also understand that in the event that Darden Enlightenment Center decides to terminate this agreement with me that they will give me a written statement of why the agreement is being terminated by them.

Signature _________________________________ Date ___________